If you feel a complaint has not been sufficiently or appropriately addressed, you can seek further support from any of the following agencies:

National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIS Participants)
Email: feedback@ndis.gov.au
Phone: 1800 800 110

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
Online: www.ndiscommission.gov.au
Phone: 1800 035 544.

Victorian Disability Services Commission
Email: complaints@odsc.vic.gov.au
Phone: 1800 677 342 (TTY 1300 726 563)
Online: www.odsc.vic.gov.au
Skype: call or email to make an appointment first

Mental Health Complaints Commissioner-Victoria Australia
Online: https://www.mhcc.vic.gov.au/complaints/
Email: help@mhcc.vic.gov.au
Phone:1800 246 054

Australian Human Rights Commission
Phone: 1300 656 419.
Online: humanrights.gov.au

Commission for Children and Young People Victoria
Email: childsafe@ccyp.vic.gov.au
Phone: 1300 78 29 78

Office of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection
Phone: 1300 666 444
Online: www.cpdp.vic.gov.au

Victorian Ombudsman
Phone: (03) 9613 6222 or (rural callers) 1800 806 314
Online: www.ombudsman.vic.gov.au

Office of the Public Advocate
Phone: 1300 309 337, (03) 9603 9500 or TTY: (03) 9603 9259
Online: www.publicadvocate.vic.gov.au/opa-feedback-and-complaints

Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission
Phone: 1300 735 135
Online: www.ibac.vic.gov.au

NDIS participants purchasing products and services have rights and protections under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), including provisions on customer guarantees and unfair contract terms. Consumer Affairs Victoria provides information and advice and, in some cases, dispute resolution services for customer disputes under the ACL. In addition to Consumer Affairs Victoria, you can also contact the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) if you have concerns regarding consumer protection in relation to your finances.