Easy Life Home Care provides high-quality in-home care support for the disabled and elderly clients across Melbourne and South Australia. Our services are delivered professionally with a compassionate and respectful approach. Easy Life Home Care promotes independence and uses an empowerment model. Client satisfaction is paramount and our motto is to provide services based on the specific needs of all clients.

Easy Life Home Care – Who We Are

Easy Life Home Care directors hold a combined experience of more than 15 years in providing care and support services to improve the quality of life for disabled and elderly clients.  Our team of professional and empathetic support workers comes on board after all safety screening and qualification checks.

We work closely with the client’s support coordinators, Occupational therapist and other allied health professionals so clients can achieve their short term and long term goals to their best capacity. We help them with everyday tasks, allowing them to maintain their independence and integrity.

Vision statement

Easy Life Home Care Vision is to build a community that is inclusive, regardless of ability and founded on a sense of caring for its clients.

Mission statement

Easy Life Home Care Mission is to provide exceptional care to our community, governed by our unwavering principles of compassion, personal, innovative and cost effective care. THIS WE PLEDGE.


Our values guide who we are and what we stand for in every interaction because your family is our family. Easy Life Home Care values are:

  • Excellence – We provide superior quality services based on compliance with disability standards and a continuous improvement approach to the client.
  • Respect – Our service delivery is based on respect for and recognition of our client’s unique strengths and desires.
  • Responsibility – We take full responsibility for providing excellent quality care to our clients and address any issues openly and transparently as they arise.
  • Caring – Our helpful person-centered services are delivered with sensitivity, warmth and care.
  • Honesty – We will provide our services honestly and keep our promise.
  • Passion – Our staff are passionate about supporting their local community and providing a level of care they would expect for their own family; because your family is our family.

Live Well, and Live On.

Choosing the right service provider can be very challenging but it doesn’t have to be. At Easy Life Home Care our passion is to provide you or your loved one’s exceptional quality of care and support. Also, check our FAQ section for more details.

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To get started give us a call on 03 9720 3005 or Email us on info@easylifehomecare.com.au