Welcome to Easy Life Home Care

At Easy Life Home Care, we provide in-home disability support services and care for elderly people across Melbourne and South Australia. We are a NDIS Registered Provider who provides a range of services to help people with disability and the elderly to live a connected and independent life in our community.

Our compassionate and experienced team of support staff works diligently to make sure that our clients are attended for round the clock care.

Our aim is to facilitate your loved ones to live an independent and comfortable life in their own homes. At Easy Life Home Care, we share this responsibility and provide the support that you and your family needs by offering customised care services. We work to improve the lives of the families we serve.

Easy Life Home Care strives to deliver the best possible in-home care solutions to disabled and elderly people.

Whether it’s helping with everyday tasks around the home, offering support to get out and about, providing domestic help or personal care, or offering respite care for carers, we can deliver customised support services that are right for you or your loved one. Also, check our FAQ section for more details.

About Easy Life Home Care

Vision statement

Easy Life Home Care vision is to build a community that is inclusive, regardless of ability and founded on a sense of caring for its clients.

Mission statement

Easy Life Home Care mission is to provide exceptional care to our community, governed by our unwavering principles of compassion, personal, innovative and cost effective care. THIS WE PLEDGE.


Our values guide who we are and what we stand for in every interaction because your family is our family. Easy Life Home Care values are:

  • Excellence –  We provide superior quality services based on compliance with disability standards and a continuous improvement approach to the client.
  • Respect –  Our service delivery is based on respect for and recognition of our client’s unique strengths and desires.
  • Responsibility –  We take full responsibility for providing excellent quality care to our clients and address any issues openly and transparently as they arise.
  • Caring –  Our helpful person-centered services are delivered with sensitivity, warmth and care.
  • Honesty –  We will provide our services honestly and keep our promise.
  • Passion –  Our staff is passionate about supporting their local community and providing a level of care they would expect for their own family; because your family is our family.


We cover our clients for

Personal Care/ Daily Living Support

Our staff assists clients with showering, dressing, toileting, personal hygiene and grooming, keeping client dignity and respect on priority. Assistance with meal preparation, paying bills, tidying up etc.

Social Support

Assisting clients to special events, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinners, medical appointments, shopping and various social functions including visiting family & friends.

Around the Clock Care

Easy Life Home Care can provide qualified staff to care round the clock as per client needs for 1:1 or 2:1 support, including the requirement of active night support or sleepover support.


To reduce social isolation, support is offered for you to attend indoor and outdoor activities, have someone to chat with or go out and enjoy a local cafe atmosphere.

In-Home Respite Care

We offer in-home respite care to assist in managing your loved ones better in the long term. Respite care offers carers time to participate in activities, social events and manage day-to-day responsibilities. The client will be given the opportunity to engage in internal or external activities if they wish to do so.


Assisting client with transport for pickup or drop off from the requested location.

Short-Term Accommodation(STA)/ Respite Support

Our fully accessible short-term accommodation/respite home can assist with unexpected emergencies, housing gaps, transitional periods or allowing primary caregivers and people with a disability the time to temporarily focus on other responsibilities.

Nursing Care

Provision of support via nursing staff for medication management and wound management. Nursing staff can provide post-hospital visits as required and palliative care input.

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) can help if you need a place to live while you are waiting for a confirmed long-term housing solution (SDA) or may be waiting for some home modifications before you can move into your own home.

Home & Gardening Maintenance

Our service provides assistance to keep your gardens tidy and the maintenance of the home is offered if needed.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL is the NDIS funding you will be allocated to receive support within the home for you to live as independently as possible. SIL is best suited for participants who have high disability support needs and require a significant amount of assistance throughout the day.

Virtual Companionship

To minimise isolation stress we can organise a phone chat or a video chat with experienced support worker keeping client privacy in mind.